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We Have More Than 30 years of Experience

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Not all Physical Therapy Providers are Alike

Advanced Spine and Sport Rehabilitation has many unique features that make it a superior choice.

  • You will always be working one on one with an experienced physical therapist, not an assistant or a technician. This allows constant monitoring of your condition and ensures that you receive the most appropriate and effective treatment.
  • You will be examined and treated holistically, ensuring that the cause of your problem is being treated, not just the symptoms. This fosters long term relief of problems and not just short term fixes.
  • Our location and relationship with Razor Sharp Fitness allows us to progress our patients through the entire spectrum of healing from initial injury to long term wellness and prevention.

Skilled therapists, advanced treatment techniques, dynamic treatment plans, and unique location let us offer you the best care possible for your condition.

We Specialize in...


Lower Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Injuries


TMJ dysfunction



Injury Prevention

Scholastic Sports

Collegiate Sports

Professional Sports

Backyard Sports

Injury Rehabilitation



Chronic Pain

Post Surgical Rehab

Work Injuries

Auto Accidents