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Pain and decreased function occur as a result of traumatic injury, disease, repetitive wear on soft tissue or joints, age related changes, poor posture/body mechanics, or surgery. In most cases, one or more body regions are involved.

Whole Body Treatment Approach

In order to resolve and provide long term management for a condition, a whole body treatment approach is required. Our therapists are trained to evaluate the entire individual. This means you will have one therapist throughout your physical therapy care. This approach ensures a condition can be successfully treated from beginning to end and minimizes the risk that aspects of a condition are not overlooked.

Understand How Your Body Functions

Our goal is to help you understand how your body functions and provide effective treatment interventions to progress you toward your long term goals. Our treatment approach is focused on hands on manual therapy, body re-education, and exercise instruction with the patient performing self-management activities at home.

Provide Skilled Treatment Plans

The goal of our treatment sessions is to provide you with skilled services that you can’t perform yourself. This means we are not going to put you on an exercise bike and walk away and charge you as many other physical therapists do. We emphasize continuing education for our therapists in order to provide a diverse range of treatment options for effective resolution of even the most difficult conditions which may have failed to be resolved at other physical therapy clinics. Our number one goal is to provide you with the best physical therapy care in southeastern Wisconsin so that you will look to us for current and future physical therapy treatments.