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Initial Evaluation

Your initial evaluation will occur during the first treatment session. Our evaluation consists of three components:

First, a Subjective Interview is Performed

During this we listen to the patient to obtain a thorough history of the condition, past treatments, goals, and expectations of physical therapy as well as address any concerns the patient may have.

Second, a Comprehensive Physical Examination is Performed

The purpose of this examination is to determine the physical causes of the problem and functional limitations that need to be addressed to develop an individualized plan of care and treatment approach.

The Third Component is Your Initial Treatment

We begin addressing the problems determined during the examination. We strongly believe that treatment during the first visit is essential as it starts the healing process.

Manual Therapy

Physical Therapy Treatments

Physical Therapy Treatment Involves Two Components

The first component is the treatment that will be provided by the physical therapist while the patient is at the clinic. These treatments include manual therapies, modalities, dry needling, cupping, postural and body mechanic re-education, injury prevention, and therapeutic exercise. These treatments are skilled services that a patient cannot perform by themselves at home.

The second component involves implementation of an exercise program which the patient performs at home. This portion of the treatment continues to progress healing between treatments.

We believe this two component treatment model is the most effective approach in treating a condition. It ensures that we will not spend time during treatment on activities that can be performed independently by the patient at home and resolves the condition quicker and more cost effectively.

Long Term Management and Wellness

long term management and wellnessOur goal for every patient is that the condition does not re-occur once physical therapy treatment is finished. This is achieved through a long term management program. This program consists of specific exercises and other self-treatment techniques which the patient can perform to ensure your long term resolution of symptoms and lifelong wellness.