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What is Manual Therapy and Who Performs it?

Manual therapy is defined as a skilled passive movement of a joint or soft tissue to restore normal joint and tissue mobility. Examples of manual therapy regularly performed at our clinic include spine and joint manipulation, myofascial release, soft tissue massage, and cupping. Physical therapists perform manual therapy by using specific hand placement and application of forces to restore normal tissue and joint mobility in conjunction with other physical therapy techniques, modalities, and exercises.

How Does Manual Therapy Work?

The human body is designed to heal itself from injury when the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular system are balanced. Manual therapy is a hands on approach to restore this balance in individual systems of the body to maximize healing. This includes restoring joint mobility, soft tissue mobility, muscle length/tension, and proper postural alignment. When these systems are restored, the body will be allowed to complete the healing process leading to pain free function and movement.

Which Patients Can Receive Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy is appropriate for all patients and is a cornerstone of our treatment approach. However, the manual techniques used will vary based on the physical therapy evaluation, history, and physical examination.